What Are The Recently Emerging Honolulu Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Plastic surgery is a thriving business in Honolulu, Hawaii - countless locals and international customers from mainland US, Canada, even Asian countries like South Korea and Japan visit to undergo plastic surgery from top surgeons in the area. Here's a good read about liposuction honolulu, check it out!

Honolulu plastic surgeons are often hired to perform:

1. Lip implants: soft collagen implants are formed or shaped to the patient's desired lip measurements. Lip implants are better than chemical injections. Because if in case problems occur after the surgery, implants can be extracted, while chemical injections most certainly cannot.

2. Fat Transfers or Fat Grafting: this procedure involves liposuction. It is well-loved because instead of using synthetic materials such as silicone, say for breast implants, plastic surgeons will use grafted fat from other parts of your body as fillers. This is good because how your body respond to foreign material is not always predictable. So by using body fat - a natural composition of your body - the procedure will require minimal incisions and decreases your scarring.

3. Breast Augmentation: are popular especially to mothers. It involves filling the breasts with saline or silicone implants to retrieve the breasts' youthful appearance. It typically provides bigger results compared to breast lifts. Learn more about honolulu blepharoplasty, go here. 

4. Breast Lift: is also known as mastopexy. Although it is usually paired with breast augmentation, it is a totally different breast enhancement procedure. It is best for those suffering from ptosis or drooping breasts or for women who have lost substantial volume on their breasts after pregnancy (pseudoptosis)

5. Abdominoplasty: also known as tummy tuck is another procedure loved my mothers. Such mommy makeovers are increasingly becoming popular regardless of the cost of the procedure which can easily be twenty thousand dollar or more.

Who uses Honolulu plastic surgery?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 48% of all plastic surgeries in the United States are performed on people ageing from 40 to 54. Of which over half a million have undergone surgical procedures, five a half million had minimal invasive operations, and a whopping six million cosmetic procedures in total.

How about the most popular nonsurgical treatments in Honolulu, Hawaii?

Not all cosmetic improvements involve plastic surgery. Some can be performed through nonsurgical treatments. And the most popular ones in Hawaii are as follows:

1. Botox: this is performed by injecting a drug into your face which relaxes your facial muscles reducing the appearance of wrinkles
2. Soft-Tissue Fillers: this is done using injectable fats which can restore the contours of your face making you look young again
3. Laser Hair Removal or Reduction: to permanently get rid of unwanted hair on your face, arms, legs, underarms, and bikini area.
4. Microdermabrasia: more commonly known as Chemical Peels is the microscopic rejuvenation of the skin
5. Smoothing Treatments on Skin and Skin Tightening